Cure your Airplane Phobia with Virtual Reality Therapy


 Are you afraid to travel by airplane? Are you afraid of takeoffs and landings?
Do you postpone your travel for pleasure or business because of your fear of the flight?
Do you wish you could travel to faraway places and see the world?
Virtual Reality therapy is the solution!


   Take a seat for the safest flight on your Psychologist's armchair!


Dr Hara Nomikou2

An interview with Dr. Hara Nomikou, Clinical Psychologist,
Doctor of Psychopathology, University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès


HS - You have recently brought to Greece a new method of dealing with Fear of Flying with the use of
         Virtual Reality and we would like you to tell us more about this method.


Most people suffer from the so-called phobia of flying an airplane. They do not believe they have the ability to deal with it and get over it. Today with the use of virtual reality, tackling the fear of flying makes it easy, fast and efficient.


HS - How does Virtual Reality link to the flight phobia?


It’s a new method of Psychological Treatment. Three companies have worked together to achieve this miracle. Samsung, Oculus and Psious


HS - How does Contemporary Technology manage to relieve us of the Fear of flying with the Airplane?


VROculusFighting the fear of flying is now being done with the help of a special 3D gadget, GearVROculus. On the front of it, a smart phone (Samsung) is placed that contains software exclusively designed by Psious's biotechnology scientists to deal with the fear of airplane flying.

A kind of simulator, which gradually, in each session, familiarizes the brain with scenarios of virtual reality regarding our air travel. Starting from home, by preparing our suitcase, entering the taxi for the airport, to the airport waiting room, we are in a virtual reality. At the same time, a biofeedback linked sensor monitors our stress levels. If levels of anxiety and fear increase, then the therapist put us in relaxation through diaphragmatic breaths or muscle relaxation Mindfulness.


HS - And all this is done in the armchair, within your Office Security?


Samsung Gear Of course, everything is done within an environment of safety and trust.
The whole process is aimed at learning. It is education on how to learn to deal with our fears, how we can manage our anxiety,
 fear, and panic. Our goal is to gradually expose the person to what they are afraid of and to deal with it.


HS - What will the continuation of the process be?


The sequel is to get into the virtual plane to sit in place and get ready for takeoff, travel and landing. After acquainting the person with the flight, the therapist can change the parameters e.g. place the person within different conditions such as rain, sun, turbulence, etc. After the virtual session we will discuss everything about the emotions, the thoughts and the situation you have experienced. The therapist will ask you which were your thoughts when the stress was over and how you felt about it.


HS - Are Fear, Anxiety, and Panic only treated with virtual reality;


The Therapist also uses Cognitive-Behavioral therapy in the same session. At the same time, it will also give "work for the home". Techniques that we can do in real life with the method of desensitization, Go to the airport for coffee or make their suitcase. Also, the technique to learn to think more positively and less catastrophically.


HS - You are writing a book which will be published by Menandros Publications for fear of flying. 
  Could you please tell us how it can help 
these passengers who refuse to fly by airplane;


Indeed, my experience with people who want to travel but ultimately avoid it because of their fear has led me to write a small guide that shows one by one all the steps they need to go through to achieve what they now find it to be impossible.

Dr Hara Nomikou3

Dr. Hara Nomikou

Clinical Psychologist - Mental Toughness Coach

Doctor of Psychopathology by Jean Jaures

Cerpp Research Center, Toulouse, France

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