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The World Spa Culture and Evolution of Demand for Wellness Services.
From the crisis of  today's World  to the evolution of Consciousness'
by Theodoros Charalambides

Theodoros CharalambidisThe Spa industry has recently emerged as a global phenomenon through the convergence of different industries, traditions and healing practices.
Spa treatments have existed since antiquity in many different forms and reflect the cultural, social and political environment in which they are integrated.

These practices have now been rediscovered, integrated and branded to create a new global industry that draws on a number of other related industries.

These are beauty, massage, hospitality, tourism, architecture, real estate development, area design of destinations, fashion, food & beverages, fitness, personal self-improvement, as well as supplementary , Conventional & Alternative Medicine.

A new global industry is emerging
Spa FoodThe Global Wellness Industry is a crucible of a range of products and services that improve health and well-being. In this capacity, it combines features from areas around the world, including American consumerism with emphasis on beauty, grooming, travel experiences, Asian customs and services, holistic treatments and practices for the spirit and the soul, But, also traditions and clinical acuteness from European medicine, as well as genuine native knowledge and the environmental consciousness of different tribes and cultures.

Pool ExercisesWith the convergence of these influences, the tourism industry has come to create the Spas, fueled by the merger of the 'travel dollar' with the 'dollar of health'. 

Thus, the Spa is now springing up all over the world and has become a standard feature of luxury hotels and resorts. (Cohen, 2008)
Theodoros Charalambides is a Massage and Zen Shiatsu healer, Spa Manager of 'Lilium Zen Spa', Director of  'Zen Spa Management & Consulting' which is providing professional advice for organizing and managing Spa and 'Zen Centers' by providing professional massage training.
He has studied Marketing and Business Administration at ICBS in Thessaloniki and Zen Shiatsu / Traditional Chinese Medicine at the European Shiatsu School in Athens.
He was born and raised in Thessaloniki, and now lives and works in Santorini. He is active in the hotel Spa market, dedicated to professional specialized information, training, organization and management of Spas, working only with people who share the same Vision, the same professional ethical principles and Organizational Culture