An island looking town-city with a picturesque port, neoclassical houses climbing amphitheatrically on the hillside of "Akkoumaros" mountain, and narrow uphill alleys with stairs.


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A picturesque tourist resort of the Lakonian Mani with a lively mood and spirit, for sightseeing or staying at, with lovely beaches nearby having clear blue waters and thick sand or pebbles, such as Mavrovouni and Vathi, where the taverns are on the seashore with fresh fish and vegetables and fruits from the region's pots.
The sights of Gythio are its picturesque harbor, the island of "Kranae", which is connected to the shore with a rock quay from 1898, the octagonal  stone-built lighthouse from 1873, which is 22 meters high, and the "Tzanimbei" Tzanetakis-Gregorakis family tower, built in 1829 which houses the Historical and Ethnological Museum of Mani.
The Archaeological and Byzantine collections of finds in the area are housed in the Town Hall building and there is also a Roman marble theater built at the northern end of the city.
Flavors of Mani
The immense olive grove that we see on our way to Gythio - some of organic farming - gives wonderful olive oil and olives. The famous "Syglino" from pork meat as a side dish to ouzo or tsipouro spirits, or in an omelet and the honey from the beehives of the area are the products of Mani that you will surely enjoy and take with you.
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