Lake Tsivlou

An "Alpine view" at 800 meters above sea level on the Peloponnese and just 28 kms from the Akrata resort area.

Lake Tsivlou is a little jewel made by nature at 800 meters from sea level on Achaia County, at the Peloponnese area 28 kms from the sea-side resort of Akrata and very close to the famous Ski Center of Chelmos.

It was created back in 1913 due to a landslide with the result that river Krathi was blocked and along with the disappearance of two villages, two lakes were created.

Since then one of the lakes was dried up and the one left took its name from one of the villages that were flooded. Back in 1938 the depth of the lake was measured to be 38 meters and as lots of mosquitoes were all over the stale waters the inhabitants of the area let lots of fish feeding from mosquitoes to multiply in the lake.

In the winter there is lots of ducks and unfortunately lots of hunters until recently.

 Lake Tsivlou1


The lake today…

After 94 years the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings remains incompatible. The size of the lake is now about 200 acres with the depth almost touching 80 meters, making it a paradise for divers.

It is an idyllic eco-system surrounded by beautiful chestnut, fir and pine trees. In the woods find shelter foxes, badgers, ferrets and otters.

During the summer the plane, oak and almond trees full of singing cicada with the smells of oregano and other herbs make the lake an ideal place for swimming and relaxing and it is by no chance that the lake and its surroundings have also been called by visitors as “little Switzerland” with its rather Alpine look in the midst of the surrounding high mountains some still with snow on their tops, until the late Spring period.

There is a little Coffee-Tavern place near-by where you can enjoy a coffee or a meal overlooking the lake.