Wild Boar With Baby Potatoes

Wild boar in the oven with baby potatoes by Chef Konstantinos Mouzakis


  1 1/2  Kg Wild Boar
  3  pieces of Lemon juice
  1  water glass of Olive Oil
  3  tea spoons of Mustard
  5  sprigs rosemary
  4  cloves garlic
1/2 bunch parsley
A bit of Salt
A bit of Pepper - 4 items
1 cup White Wine (Prefferably Moshofilero)
15 baby potatoes
1 cup of water
 Optionally - some honey


Cooking directions

Wash the boar thoroughly  with plenty of water and place it on a cutting board with paper underneath.
In a deep bowl, we add salt, pepper, olive oil, the lemon juice and mustard and we stir to make a thick sauce and then we place  the boar in the bowl and brush everywhere, adding rosemary, garlic and parsley.
Allow to marinate for about three hours and keep turning it until we put it in the oven.
Remove meat from the marinade sauce and place it on a baking sheet to oven.
Mix the marinade sauce with wine (and honey if you wish) and pour it on the boar.
Wash the baby potatoes and put them in the pan with the boar and the wine marinade, adding up a glass of water
Place the pan in a preheated oven at 200C for 1 to 1/2 hour.
While cooking stir the potatoes in the pan and brush the boar with the existing juices.
20 Minutes before the estimated cooking time we turn the oven to 250C so as to give to the boar and the potatoes a golden brown look.
Once cooked you can serve straight away ...


Chef Mouzakis 300Chef European 2015 Constantine Mouzakis

- Director of Gastronomy Food & Responsible Action on Social Structures
  Permanent Emergency Response Poverty of UNESCO,
  Piraeus and Islands Group.

- Director of the Ionian Culinary Union Ionian Greece.
- Registered Business Trainers FSA Food
- Panel Leader "Tasty Olymp Awards"
- Executive Private Chef / Catering.
- Member to CEUCO
- State Institute Greek Dietary Culture and Gastronomy
- Member of the Federation of Chefs Greece.
- Member of the Chefs Club of Greece. (Chef Club of Greece).
- State of the World 'Union of Chefs (WACS).
- Certified and registered instructor in the EOPPEP adult educators registers.
- Certified in Euro-Asian Teaching Clubs UNESCO.
- Instructor in DIEK, Attica region