Russian Girls on the Beach

A survey conducted by the Russian Non-Government Organization Levada Center and released on 19 May 2017

Halkidiki with Shades

Tourism in Greece in 2017 seems like it will follow the trend

"Each year and Better"

A Noble Cause, An offer

to Greece and to the World 

by a Great and Modest Man

Russian Winter Words 1

Useful Russian Words by

Periclis Mavromatidis

The Good Life Beach

What is the meaning of...   

"The Good Life" ?          

Well, it's up to you to decide !!!

Myconos resort1

Investing in Tourism and acquiring legal licences for starting a business, made easy with a new bill of law sent for  discussion to Parliament

Acropolis Tourist8

Russian tourists visiting Greece were more than 900.000, at the beginning of December 2016 according to an announcement by the Union of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR)