Scorpio stinging and ways to deal with it, by the General Physician

Dr. Savvas Dellaportas

MD Savvas DellaportasThe scorpion-stinging causes pain around the stinted area, mild swelling and sometimes lymphangitis with local lymphadenitis while it rarely requires special medical care.
In some cases where the symptoms are serious, it is even necessary to treat the victim so that analgesics and tranquilizers are given to relieve muscle spasms and agitation.
It is also possible to administer an antidote for the scorpion poison that is effective if given before the onset of the symptoms.
During hospitalization, it will also be assessed if the symptoms are due to poison or an allergic reaction that may develop a serious anaphylaxis.


Symptoms related to the area where the sting has occurred

    Pain that can be intense
    Numbness and burning around the sting
    Mild swelling in the area

Symptoms due to poisoning and occurring mainly to children

    Breathing difficulty
    Muscle spasms
    Unusual eye and head movements
    Nausea and vomiting
    Sweating and salivation
    Hypertension and tachycardia
    Anxiety, agitation and unstoppable crying (for young children)t treatment:

Initial treatment:

    The wound should be carefully cleaned with plenty of water and soap
     Apply a frost-proof compress to the wound site with repetitions every 10 minutes.
    This helps to slow-down the spread of the poison.
    Avoid eating if any difficulty in swallowing is detected

    Take a painkiller (for example Ivuprofen) that will relieve pain and discomfort.
    Check the adequacy of anti-tetanus vaccination especially for children.

Prevention measures:

    Do not store firewood inside or in contact with it and remove piles of stones that may be present in the surrounding area
    Frequently mow the lawn at a low height and pruning tree branches so that they do not come in contact with the house.
    Always wear footwear and work gloves in the garden.
    When hiking or camping, do wear long sleeves or long pants and always check the sleeping bags and other equipment
    If you travel to areas where endemic scorpions with lethal poison, especially when camping outdoors, you must
    constantly check your clothing, bedding, and luggage.

    If you have a history of sting allergy, you should have an epinephrine injection (for example, Anapen)