Halkidiki with Shades

Tourism in Greece in 2017 seems like it will follow the trend

"Each year and Better"

Capital Controls on the Banking system, limiting cash flow, unemployment to the highest rates, high taxation, fears of default and yet, arrivals to Greece are predicted to make another record this year according to reports coming from Tour Operators, Travel Agents and Airlines from around the world.

Visa problems for Russian and Chinese citizens seem to be settling down, with more visas being issued at a considerably lesser time, making it easier for people coming from non-Schengen countries to plan their holidays to Greece.

And...German Tour Operators report that demand and bookings for Greece have gone over any predicted rate and they have openly started talking about a record year of arrivals to Greece by German Tourists.

Hopefully this year's increase in arrivals will not follow last year's figures of decreased spending from the part of the Tourists, as Greece is heavily depended on the income earned from Tourism and whatever exports it still manages to do.

The message is Clear !!! 
People adore Greece and the natural beauty of the land. They feel welcome by the Greek people and they like the quality of the services they enjoy compared to the prices they have to pay. They feel safe, and it seems that no one tends to forget the tremendous efforts by the Greek people to help and support all these desperate refugees, despite how hard they make a living themselves nowadays.

Greece is a blessed land and it makes everybody staying on it, to feel a bit like...Hellenes*

* Of Ancient Greek origin