By Lorraine Eyre

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Most young women dream of a fairytale wedding and Greece with its unique beauty, spectacular islands, glorious sunsets and romantic atmosphere is a perfect location to exchange marriage vows and begin a whole new exciting chapter of life. The country'sbreathtaking beauty combined with its magical spell guarantees its sweetheart's lifelong memories that will be rekindled time after time for many years to come.


Wedding pic 2 425From late spring onwards, the Greek islands burst into life once again and become a riot of vibrant colour. Lovely fragrant flowers bloom on the white terraces and leafy plants have already come into bud under the warmth of the golden sun. A sense of passion, plentitude, and romance float in the air intoxicating couples as soon as they step foot on the island of their choice.


In fact, nothing can compare to making your promises of commitment in the truly idyllic setting of a Greek island. Choose one of the tiny whitewashed chapels set against the pale blue skies and glorious sunshine with the lapping of the white-capped waves to create a perfect canvas for capturing the entire happiness and excitement of the occasion.


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Aware of the magic that the Greek islands holds for people in love, many of the luxury island resorts are dedicated to creating ultimate marriage ceremonies and celebrations. They offer an array of exclusive wedding and honeymoon packages to cater for all tastes and budgets and provide luxurious accommodation for the bride and groom along with their guests.


Greece's hotel wedding planners will take care of transportation, photography and offer full support assistance and consultation on legal requirements and documentation. In actual fact, they will ensure that every minute detail is taken into consideration from the wedding, the reception, menu and cake to the champagne, flowers and even the fireworks! Here in Greece, everything is expertly catered for your special day and it will be a truly memorable experience for everyone who shares your precious moments.


wedding pic 6 180Remember though, Greece is not only a very popular destination for spectacular weddings! People from all over the world flock to the Greek islands every year to celebrate their happiest moments. From honeymoons, bachelor or hen parties, baptisms and couples wanting to renew their vows, Greece is everyone's golden paradise for a once in a lifetime celebration!



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