Fly a kite and then...ouzo*, octopus, squid, taramosalata*, olives, dolmadakia*, pickles, gigantes*, lagana* and...halva*.

Yes...that's Clean Monday  !!!

kites flying 1024


Fist day after the last Carnival Celebrations.Ash Monday bits

For the religious ones, the time for forgiveness and the last feast before the 40 days Lent towards Easter.
For the rest, pure joy of being out, feeling like kids, flying the kite (Yea, are only doing it for the kids !!!) and go crazy with ouzo and all the fishy and tasty stuff.

By the way...halva is not fattening and it is...very nutritious !!!


* Ouzo: anise-flavoured aperitif 

* Taramosalata: cod roe paste with bread, olive oil, onion and lemon
* Ntolmadakia: staffed vine leaves with rice and herbs
* Gigantes: giant beans cooked in the oven with red sauce and herbs
* Lagana: flat Clean Monday's bread with seeds.


** Recipes availiable on request...