The Christmas Factory Texnopolis 309x205

  " More Christmas than ever " 
at Technopolis Athens, 
from  02/12/2016 to 02/01/2017 
10:00 - 22:00

"The Christmas Factory" returns for it's 4th year and for all ages with new surprises, improbable proposals for games and many gifts!
For the fourth time in central Athens the most beautiful Christmas of the world and the tales will come true!
Renewed, with new and even more festive decor, bright and warm, imaginative workshops, awesome games, delicious delicacies, exciting events and most importantly ... more free games included in the entrance fee!
"The Christmas Factory" is here again for endless hours of fun and joy !
A city institution that has put Athens over the last four years among the top destinations for the Christmas season as it manages to blend the part of quality entertainment with true fun and with the primary aim that this unique experience it is accessible to all.
Each year it welcomes young and old visitors arriving from every corner of Greece and promising to reverse any negative mood filling with positive sentiment and joy!
There will be more than one reason to visit this year's wonderful plant and celebrate Christmas together with dear friends and children and those are: 

The Christmas Factory Gazi"Magic Christmas Tree"! 15m full of goblins and gifts! This year at the central point of the space will be dominated by a tree like no other, wonderfully imposing and full of colorful ornaments. Made from ... elves, with strong and bushy branches that will grow endlessly hundreds of gifts, every day !!!

Luck !!! The wheel of the tree will be offered to anyone who tries his luck and out winner a trip to Eurodisneyland and many individual gifts

Around the tree, there will be wooden houses of the Christmas Market which will create an atmosphere that will take us directly to the square of the village of Santa Claus.

The Christmas market is even richer in quality choices with even greater variety in shops !

This year the admission ticket will allow everyone to enjoy more free events!

Christmas means Magic and that is why The Christmas Factory called a true magician, the famous Sankara to give us three magical and unrepeatable shows!

Music, theater, happenings! All this and much more will be found this year as The Christmas Factory hosts 150 new artistic events!

Christmas as in cinema ...! Who does not rejoice to see movies with great music, favorite heroes and tall tales? In a specially designed area of  ​​The Christmas Factory they can all sit and enjoy free screenings of the most popular children's films

Memories! Like every year the little one will manufacture therselves their own souvenir that will remind to all that they were at the The Christmas Factory .. This year, our small friends will show their skills in manufacturing a Badge of TCF and which will take with them when leaving

Can they play all day non-stop ?  Yes, everyone can !  And for this purpose the Christmas extra fun building with new games was created for unlimited free games !Carousel of The Christmas Factory

"The Christmas Factory"!  A fabulous location in the heart of the city that invites everybody to become children again for a few days to indulge in the magic of the holiday season and believe in miracles. And because Christmas is the celebration of love, the celebration that brings us closer and makes us see and listen the needs of any fellow citizen, the TCF will give this year an opportunity for young and old guests to make a gift to a "friend" or "girlfriend" who have known and which no doubt will be very happy !

Collaborates with the Flame, the Smile of the Child and the SOS Children's Villages.

Let us welcome this holiday with hope and faith, as all this year at the
The Christmas Factory all have the desire ... to truly live and enjoy Christmas,  all together ... more than ever !!!


Ticket price: 5,50 €

Monday - Friday 2 tickets for the price of one. The offer is valid up to December 23.

Presale tickets:

Tickets will be available daily at the "The Christmas Factory Funds".

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