Music Escapades: Idra Kayne 

"If I were a boy"

Sunday / August 05 / 2018, 21:00

 Idra Kayne 05AUG18 660


Music Escapades, SNFCC’s alternative music concert series, invites Idra Kayne who imagines life in a man’s shoes, performing her favorite songs sealed by male artists’ timeless renditions   Idra Kayne and her eight-member boy band, describe through classic hits that have defined a whole era, what would be like if she was a boy.

Combining elements from Kilaidonis, Nirvana, Michael Jackson and Take That, the city’s soul-funk diva promises an evening of music you will not want to miss.   The elegance of strings blends with the rebellious hard rock and the careless dance-pop music in a tribute party to some very special songs that we have loved, sung and danced to.

Arranged by Alexandros Livitsanos for two violins, two cellos, double bass, piano and drums, expect these covers to surprise you.



Idra Kayne, vocals

Alexandros Livitsanos, piano

Giorgos Kosteletos, drums

Dimitris Schizas, guitar

Kostas Karitzis, violin

Stamatela Spinola, violin

Giorgos Tamiolakis, cello

Michalis Profyris, cello

Nicholaos Chatzisakos, double bass


Sunday 05/08 | 21.00