Titanic Σύμβουλος Μάρκετινγκ

The power of the right advice

by Themis Sarantaenas,

Marketing Consultant

Themis Sarantaenas llWhat is in common between the Titanic disaster and the happy end of closing up a deal with an important, way out of reach, customer ?

They are both the results of a piece of advice that either never reached the right person or it actually did.

On a daily basis, there are endless examples, that come to prove of how much and to which extent the evaluation of an event has been influenced by the proper advice from the right person.

This is exactly the job of the consultant with his involvement in a business. To transform his knowledge and experience into consulting.

Consulting that really makes the difference to the setup and growing process of a business and to its financial status.

Don’t be confused as to the power of decisions that you have to take as entrepreneurs, with the acceptance and implementation of the right consulting about them.

Lots of times you need a consultant who, although it takes care of your business, at the same time has a clear and overall perspective, which helps towards the evaluation of the market conditions versus the conditions of your business, something which you might not be able to do by yourself.

With the power of some good consulting you can make the right decisions or avoid to take some bad ones.

You may also find some alternative courses or avoid the ones that stand as burdens and direct you away from your targets.

All these of course, providing that you wish to listen to a third party that is trying to help you.

How do we pick up the right one ?

There is a number of non-negotiable characteristics which you must take under consideration before making a decision about the person that you will trust and share your visions and your targets. To be more specific:

  • The right person must have proven knowledge of your type of business, something which it is easily noticeable from the portfolio of similar business consulting that has taken care of in the past.
  • Must have experience. The right timing is equally as important for the right consultation that will given to you. An experienced consultant has got the working experience that leads to the path for the right decision.
  • The right person must be creatively minded and have the initiative to approach your business in a “fresh” way, and not to work on existing prefab solutions.

The above three criteria make up the previously mentioned conclusion of:

“The right consulting, at the right time, by the right person”.

In most instances and in a number of business sectors, we consider that we can replace the services of a consultant with a piece of advise from a friend, or someone from the family cycle.

The difference between a friend and a business consultant (mentor) is very simple:

The business consultant will give you a precise and overall advise without any sentimental interference, while a friend, in most cases will give you a vague one and full of sentiment due to your personal relationship, so, the advise might not be objective and might not be of much help.

You should always remember, the power of …the right…advice !


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