Who is eligible to an ESPA Grant for a new Tourist Business with a deadline for registering till 15/05/2018?

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Until May 15 2018, interested parties will be able to submit their applications online, for the Small and Medium Enterprises Financing Program under the ESPA project entitled:
"Strengthening the Establishment and Operation of New Tourism Small and Medium Enterprises".

The program, which concerns investment projects ranging from 25,000 to 400,000 euros, is aimed at investors who wish to implement their plans for new and existing tourism businesses.

Applicants should:

Submit the application with a Business Plan and evidence of being able to privately fund at least 60% of the proposed project.

Commit themselves to being able to operate legally by acquiring the appropriate licenses until the investment is completed.

Eligible business categories:

- Hotel accommodation of at least 3star category, with a capacity of 10 to 50 beds.

- Hotel accommodation in traditional buildings, of minimum 3-star category, Camping sites, Youth Hostels e.t.c.

- Self-Catering accommodation of furnished Villas, Apartments, Studios, Rooms, with a minimum of 3 units, minimum

  ranked as 3 keys, with a minimum capacity of at least 10 beds.

- Travel Agencies of various activities

- Alternative types of Tourism such as: Athletic Tourism, Sea Tourism, Rural Tourism and any other special-alternative

  forms of Tourism such as Recreational and Theme Parks.

- Other business activities in the tourism sector.

The objective is to support very small, small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the tourism sector or accommodation units under construction, where their VAT has not yet being activated.

Source:  www.espa.gr