Mistakes in digital marketing and how to correct them,
by Themis Sarantaenas, Marketing Consultant.


Themis Sarantaenas 209If you have based your business growth on something more than the entrepreneur's simple instinct, then it is assumed that you have a strategic marketing plan through which you have also provided for your online strategy.
Digital marketing is nowadays one of the most important "battlefields" for a business, and each entrepreneur's goal is to be able to stand with claims at the forefront.
Are you ready for this?

Exploit and not just use Social Media

Having a Facebook account (even if it is a corporate one) does not necessarily mean that you have established your online presence and that you are also using all the undeniable advantage that social media can offer to a company. You can make regular posts, communicate with your products and services, respond directly to the public's questions on your page, but you are far from claiming that you are using these modern tools of entrepreneurship properly and effectively.
You see, behind each suspension of one e.g. a great company, there are many hours of study, design
 and programming to maximize the possibility that a simple "Like" will turn into a successful sale. This presupposes the existence of marketing strategy and the right people to implement it. This combination is also the one that will turn your Friends and Likes of your page into real customers for your business.
So start by finding the right partners!

Content versus "content".

Bombarding the audience with advertisements that simply notify them that they will find the products and services they are looking for through your company, should not be mistaken as digital marketing. The same type of work was done in the old days by the workers who waved their work through the neighborhoods that they were passing through. Today, not only is it enough to communicate all that you have to offer but to also highlight the context through which you do this.
Showcase the service experience you can offer to your customers.
Emphasize all those points that differentiate you from the competition.
Showcase the solutions and benefits that customers who trust you can use and try to use new approaches to promote your messages.
Simply put, do not just stamp the products you have on your shelf but also emphasize the usability they will have in the life of those who decide to buy them.
So carefully choose the strategic marketing plan that you will follow and implement, utilizing in a substantial way all the benefits that the internet world now offers.


Digital marketing with a referral approach!

In the technical field, make sure that your promotional messages are properly imprinted on computer screens, smart phones, and tablets.
Should the nature of your messages follow the same specifications. No ! It is not with a message that you are trying to gain the attention and interest of all the public. By surfing the internet they will see your advertised message!
That is why it is necessary to trust the right people to undertake to define and target specific audiences that are directly or indirectly interested in your business.
The marketing strategy is much more than simply taking advantage of Google Ads or other online advertising media.
It requires knowledge, research, study and targeting to come up with tangible results in your business development.
Choose the appropriate audiences and appeal to them using the correct verbal keys that through your messages will lead potential customers to your business door.